mancarellaMessage from the Rector to Students, Researchers and Professors currently in mobility at UniPi and living in Pisa
Object: Domicile self-certification for the delivery of surgical masks
Dear students, researchers and professors, we are collecting data of students, researchers and professors currently in mobility at our University and living in the Municipality of Pisa.

The aim is to allow the Municipality itself to possibly deliver to you surgical masks as well as to permanent residents. As you know, for the being times, the surgical masks represent a vital protection to try minimizing the risk of COVID-19 spreading.
At the link you will find a simple form to complete with your correct current address.
If youare not currently living in the Municipality of Pisa, please  do not  complete the form. Look for assistance at the Municipality you are living in.
If youare lodged in a DSU dorm, please  do not  complete the form. You will receive the surgical masks directly to your dorm.
Please note that once completed, you should forward the form clicking on Submit.

My Best Wishes
The Rector, Paolo Maria Mancarella

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