+ - Marcin GORÉCKI (Poland)

Affiliation: Institute of Organic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
Scientific Representative at DCCI: Lorenzo Di Bari
Visiting Period: 05.06 / 03.07 – 2023

- “Development of versatile mapping attachment for a regular CD spectropolarimeter (NanoCD)”;
- Solid-state measurements of ECD spectra using a mapping attachment for a regular instrument;
- Preparation of an article on “On distinguishing finasteride polymorphs using ECDi methodology”, to be submitted to an international journal (RSC or Wiley publisher);
- Preparation of a proposal for call in Diamond Light Source (UK) Line B23 entitled “Spatially-resolved circular dichroism (SR-CD) for distinguishing chiral compounds with similar solution and solid-state CD spectra”, submitted for the forthcoming session (spring 2024).

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+ - Hamid Reza SHAHSAVARI (Iran)

Affiliation: Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS) (Iran)
Scientific Representative at DCCI: Fabio Marchetti
Visiting Period: 05.06 / 29.07 – 2023

- “Synthesis and characterization of innovative bioactive organometallic ruthenium complexes”;
- Seminar on Organoplatinum(II/III/IV)-thiolae complexes: a platform for the investigation of organic synthesis and optical properties” held on June 23, 2023;
- Synthesis, structural and physicochemical characterization of new late transition metal complexes for medicinal applications.

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+ - Davide TIANA (Ireland)

Affiliation: University College Cork (Ireland)
Scientific Representative at DCCI: Marco Taddei
Visiting Period: 05.06 / 30.06 – 2023

- “Computationally aided discovery of defective UiO-66 to synthesise methyl acrylate”;
- Seminar “Computationally aided engineering of catalytic properties in MOFs” held on June, 9th;
- Development of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) functionalized with aliphatic amines as supports for catalytically active Ni species for the synthesis of methyl acrylate from CO2 and ethylene and as selective adsorbents for CO2 capture.

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