mancarellaDear partner, Greetings from the University of Pisa. I hope this message finds you, your families, and your colleagues well. This point in history is imposing new challenges, which were unpredictable until a few months ago. The COVID-19 has strongly impacted social and academic activities, changing habits and methods we have been taking for granted for many years.

As the Italian government resolved for the lockdown, the University of Pisa has adapted to the emergency shifting its educational activity in distance learning mode, thus giving the students the possibility to continue their education, including those in mobility. To date, although we have not reactivated any training activities in presence yet, we have managed to carry out more than 21,000 examinations and more than 4,000 final theses discussed. Although the largest part of our staff is currently in-home working, the University has continued to perform its regular activities. It is hugely impressive, however, to see the deserted classrooms, and the empty study and conference rooms. Nevertheless, it has been a source of intense satisfaction and confidence for the future the fact that we succeeded in continuing our previous activities and carrying out our teaching programmes, lectures, and research projects.  Even though the Covid-19 emergency has forced each institution and each country to lockdown, we still preserve our international spirit which leads us to believe and significantly invest in collaboration and cooperation with our European and overseas partners; we do hope to maintain and improve existing relationships and carry on new future projects and partnerships. Prudence, flexibility, and non-discrimination. At least until 31 December 2020, these are the keywords that will lead the University of Pisa provisions in the next academic year, with the primary objective of a gradual return to normality. To this aim, we will continue to provide all our academic offer in distance learning so that even the students unable to travel to Pisa because of the COVID emergency could attend the lectures. From September onwards, however, several courses with a lower attendance will also be offered in presence, so that students can be hosted in the classrooms, satisfying the constraints imposed by social distancing. In the next few days, our academic bodies will resolve upon these courses, and it will be our concern to communicate it on our website. During the first semester, it is predictable that we will be able to accept a limited number of students in mobility attending these courses, considering the restrictions to which we are subject. The University of Pisa has therefore decided to approve virtual mobility for all international students for that period, reserving a later communication in the event the mobility in presence will be feasible. Hoping that the pandemic soon fades away, I wish all the best to you, your families, and the whole community of your University.

Francesco Marcelloni
Vice-rector International Cooperation and Relations
University of Pisa

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The internationalization activities at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of the University of Pisa
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